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A quick look around the city of Newport in Gwent and it is easy to see what history lies behind it. The huge stone docks, the famous transporter bridge, this is a place of industry, where coal from the valleys was brought for shipment long before Cardiff took on such capital responsibilities. Indeed, even though earning city status in just 2002, Newport for much of its history was larger than Cardiff and it still retains the proud sense of culture and identity which comes from great strides in industry and commerce. As the old industries have given way to new opportunities in work, in education and leisure, there is new life in old riverside developments and Newport hotels are at the forefront of this regeneration.

The Newport Transporter Bridge certainly dominates the cityscape and it is the first stop on any tour of the city, but there are many further attractions to explore. Not least of these is Tredagar House and Country Park, containing a 17th century mansion house and 90 acres of woodland, and in terms of more urban attractions there is the Newport Museum and Art Gallery, the Roman Legionary Museum, and numerous shopping, dining and drinks opportunities. There is a real cosmopolitan air to the city these days with stylish restaurants and bars occupying what was once the warehouses and other industrial spaces associated with the Docks and the River Usk.

Some of the best Newport hotels occupy such spaces too and provide modern city living in true style, while others retain a more traditional hotel feel, where grand apartments and public spaces lead guests into fine dining restaurants and corporate event facilities. Smaller, more intimate hotels provide a happy compromise of warm local hospitality with the latest technologies and services whilst the ubiquitous bed and breakfast need provide nothing more than a comfortable convenient base for enjoying all the city has to offer.